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Improve the Patient Experience While Reducing Risk & Readmissions with Medical Informed Consent Videos

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Enhance & Streamline Patient Communications While Improving Satisfaction & Reducing Risk with Medical Informed Consent Videos

How Healthcare Practitioners Leverage Medical Memory for Informed Consent, Medical Discharge, Welcome, Follow-up, Pre- and Post-Op Care Patient Videos

What would streamlining your patient communications and informed consent process mean for your practice or healthcare institution?

Medical Memory Inform helps you deliver video-based medical informed consent videos that simplify and improve patient communications, improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, and ultimately, reduce your risk.

  • Improve patient communications and engagement
  • Improve practice and workflow efficiency with reusable video content
  • Keep control of the informed consent, pre- and post-op care message
  • Reduce readmission rates and risk
  • Create videos for entire patient and procedure workflows
  • Decrease medical malpractice exposure
  • Create a repeatable, clear informed consent workflow
  • Create a digital stamp of video views for tracking and compliance
Watch how practitioners are using video to enhance the Medical Informed Consent Process
Watch another example of a custom Welcome & Pre-Op Video for a Group Medical Practice
Why Healthcare Practitioners Choose Medical Memory Inform

Prevent readmissions & improve compliance

Empower patients with a video of their pre- and post-op instructions to deliver clear information that can be reused, while preventing readmissions and improving compliance.

Reduce medical malpractice risk

Remove risk from patients claiming they were not properly informed by better communicating through video while capturing a digital trail of video views.

Personalize patient care & improve satisfaction

Now patients feel engaged and at ease with a better understanding of their upcoming procedure, including pre- and post-op care, while practitioners spend less time repeating information.

Increase practice & workflow productivity

Provide patients with an accurate and user-friendly resource to review sensitive details about their health, eliminating redundancies in patient communication.

See What Medical Memory Inform Clients Are Saying

Barrow Neurological Associates

"We implemented Medical Memory Inform to improve the patient experience and streamline communications so our team has more time for delivering personalized patient care. The tracking creates a digital stamp of informed consent video views so we also have a safety net."


Private Group Medical Practice

"Medical Memory Inform helps us deliver more consistent, repeatable informed consent, pre- and post-op care instructions for patients, which not only gives them peace of mind and makes their experience more personal, it frees up our time while reducing medical malpractice risk."