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Sales Close Rate by 25% or More with Easy-to-Use Video Sales Training Programs

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Medical Memory Performance Increases Your Sales Close Capture Rate by 25% or More so You Can Grow Revenue

Are you struggling to improve your sales team's closing rates, increase revenue and reduce sales training costs?

What would increasing your sales close rates by at least 25% (or more) mean to your business? Video-based online sales training and performance coaching programs can do exactly that, and much more.

The best online sales training programs are fast, easy and effective, helping sales trainers roll out training programs faster and more cost-effectively than traditional programs -- all while delivering the kind of engaging content your team needs to learn how to close more deals faster.

  • Rollout video sales training programs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional training 
  • Reduce training program costs and measure outcomes
  • Capture and share best practices across the team
  • Deliver a more engaging training program that drives retention and measurable results 
  • Build a sales culture of continuous improvement
  • Allow sales consultants to self and peer evaluate
  • Track and measure the success of every aspect of the program
Why Clients Choose Medical Memory Performance

Close more sales faster

Speed and improve sales training delivery so you can close more business faster by capturing and sharing best practices anytime, anywhere using video-based sales training programs. 

Streamline appointment flow

Help every member of your team including physicians understand and adhere to a concise appointment process and communication flow that alleviates bottlenecks and gaps, freeing time for your staff to focus on growth.

Build accountability into your process

Clarify your process and create a culture of accountability where your sales team evaluates themselves and peers for continuous improvement, helping them deliver the right message every time.

Reduce sales training program costs

Using video-based sales training not only helps you identify strengths and weaknesses to improve your sales team's skills faster than ever, you can deliver engaging training for a fraction of the costs of traditional training programs.

See What Medical Memory Performance Clients Are Saying

Sono Bello
National Contouring & Liposuction Center

"Medical Memory allows me to have better insight of what my patients were experiencing and how I can make it even better. I have personally grown as an consultant, listener, problem solver, and now an educator. I was so impressed I shared it with my whole team. It also helped streamline our program and leverage best practices to advance our sales training for teams across the country. We now have insight into what’s happening with every sales consultant, everywhere."


National Dental Reconstruction
Surgery Center

"Medical Memory Performance transformed our entire sales process, helping us identify gaps and inconsistencies so we could close more cases faster and ensure patients have a remarkable experience with every single interaction. We're now able to more specifically identify the winning behaviors of our top performers and use those videos to share best practices and improve results for other sales consultants. That means we're closing more sales faster, and with lower training costs."